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Student Requirements

First Time Students

Students must be invited into Trivium by a Certified Trivium Mentor. Those student candidates who have been invited to participate in The Trivium Institute will receive from the Registrar and Bursar’s Office:  

  • An email with confirmation of the Letter of Invitation from the Mentor

  • Transcript Request Instructions

  • A request to complete a Student Information Form (SIF)

  • An invoice for the Application Fee

  • The Trivium Course Catalog

Candidate students should complete the SIF, and complete payment for the application fee. Each student candidate is to request an official transcript from their high school or GED program, and have the transcript forwarded directly to the Registrar. The Trivium Institute will not make the request. Upon receipt of all transcript documents, the student candidate’s records will be reviewed by a member of The Institute Faculty/Staff.
Once all transcripts, forms and fees have been received, the candidate student will receive a information to access courses, and the Student Covenant for signature.

Transfer Students

Those student candidates who have been invited to participate in The Trivium Institute who have had prior college credits/degrees will follow the same process for Admission as stated above. A student who wishes to transfer a course taken at another college or university must receive approval from Trivium. Only the course transfers, grades do not.  
The Trivium Institute will transfer-in courses from other globally-accredited institutions as long as the course material is evaluated to be equivalent to The Trivium Institute course and the grade received in the course(s) is a C or above. You will receive a Transfer Evaluation indicating which courses will transfer into your selected Trivium program of study.
Note: Trivium reserves the right not to approve transfer of courses.

Non-Certificate Students

Those individuals who would like to take a course(s) from the Certificate Program or Continuing Education Program as part of your life-long learning plan without receiving a certificate must complete a Non-Certificate Student Registration Form. Upon completion of these forms and payment of the course fee (see Fee Schedule in the Student Handbook), you will have access to the online content and course syllabus; however, you are not required to complete any course work nor will any coursework be graded. Non-certificate courses completed for personal development are not transferable to a Certificate Program.

Student Seeking Re-Admittance

Individuals who were previously enrolled in The Trivium Institute and have either voluntarily withdrawn or been dismissed, but desire to be considered for re-enrollment, must reapply through their mentor. Upon receipt of a letter from the mentor, a letter of explanation from the student, a new Student Information Form (SIF), a new Student Covenant and a non-refundable application fee, the student candidate’s request for re-enrollment will be reviewed by a member or members of The Trivium Staff. Each request will be considered on a case-to-case basis, and may include an Academic Review and/or Ethics Review.


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