The Trivium Institute for Leader Development

The Trivium Institute for Leader Development is a ministry of Praxis, and embodies the current fullness of both learning and experience the Praxis team has gleaned from decades of field experience in both ministry and education. The Trivium Institute is the next progression in the work of Praxis, serving as a cutting-edge platform for Christian leader development. 

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop a next generation of leadership illuminated and led by the Spirit who work in partnership with Him for the expansion of the Kingdom of God, seeing the holistic integration of the Irreducible Core into every aspect of life. 

Our Mission

The Trivium Institute exists to holistically develop leaders through whom the Lord can work to bring transformation to their families, churches and societies through incarnational living. Through a focus on developing leaders for service in the Church, organizational and educational leadership we seek to see the presence of the Kingdom of God expressed in wholeness, reconciliation and peace for all God’s created order. 

Our Values

These are the things that are most important to the leadership of the Trivium Institute, and consequently shape both the purpose and means used by the Institute. 

  • Imago Dei 

    • All people should be valued because they are image bearers – the image of God

  • Wholeness 

    • The Father’s heart of love desires for us to become whole through Christ in body, mind and spirit and for us to bring His wholeness to others, our society and our world 

  • Reconciliation 

    • Christ came to reconcile His creation to the Father, and has included us in the ministry of reconciliation 

  • Transformation 

    • Personal and societal transformation is possible and a desired outcome of the Gospel 

  • The Kingdom of God 

    • His Kingdom is the centerpole of our lives, its extension a primary focus of our lives 

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