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Financial Information

Rational Behind Fee Structure

Why do want graduates to be debt free? Student debt is a growing problem in the United States with more than 1.2 Trillion dollars owed by students, many who never graduate from the programs in which they enroll. It is the largest single category of personal debt in our nation. Many Christian students have been prevented from fully and passionately pursuing their God-given calling in vocation and mission due to such debt load.


The development of the Institute has been a labor of love from a team of professionals engaged in real-world activities represented by each school. They have sacrificed and donated their time, knowledge, creative abilities and experience to keep the cost to the student at a minimum. In addition artisans, technical staff and donors have partners with us to make The Trivium Institute for Leader Development a reality, seeking to provide to you the student the development and education you need to pursue your calling while freeing you from the burden of debt. Your response to God’s gracious gift to you through these people is to be diligent to keep your financial obligations in the program and work hard at your coursework.


Our goal with this financial arrangement is that students graduate debt-free from the Institute. To that end each course must be paid-in-full before starting each course in the program or have a payment plan established with the Trivium Registrar.


Tuition and Fees

Please see our Student Handbook for the most current listing of Tuition and Fees



Billing for tuition and fees is coordinated through the Registrar’s Office. Students can choose to pay their bills by check, phone, in person, or directly online. Payment plans for tuition are available to students. Payment or arrangement for payment must be made before a student can begin taking courses. Once payment or arrangement for payment has been received, the course will begin. Cash, check, debit, credit, and ACH are accepted as payment.

Books & Supplies

Books and supplies are not included in the certificate fees. Students must obtain books and supplies at their own expense. Required reading for each course will be found in each course syllabus, with suggested methods for acquisition. The Trivium Institute does strongly suggest that each student obtain a Logos base package - an interconnected theological online library that contains the Word and study tools. Access at

Access the Student Handbook here for all Trivium Institute information.

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