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Certificate in Christian Ministry

The Certificate in Christian Ministry will prepare leaders to live out the Irreducible Core (IC) of the Christian life in an integrated fashion through one’s life, vocation and ministry. In addition, the particular emphases provided by the certificate program will allow an essential knowledge base along with skill competencies to be acquired and validated in preparation for vocational/ career pursuit.


Students enrolled in the certificate program take only one course at a time. The courses must be taken in the sequence as listed. The student should expect that each course will take about ten weeks (or less depending on personal pace) and 100 hours to complete. Each course is offered as a self-paced study program; students can anticipate completing this certificate in approximately 24-27 months.

Access the Student Handbook here for all Trivium Institute information.

To successfully complete the program students must:

1.    Complete the Certificate in Christian Leadership and the following additional courses, including the Local Advocacy Project (TP #2)

2.    Create an Online Portfolio to Validate Competencies

3.    Engage in a Mentor/Apprentice Relationship


BS 201    The Gospel According to Mark

SF 201     Introduction to Discipleship: The Way of Jesus
TH 201    Systematic Theology
TH 202    Ecclesiology
TH 203    Trinity, Community & Holistic Mission
LD 201    Leadership Principles from the New Testament
LD 202    Holistic Leader Development
BS 202    The Letter of Paul to the Ephesians
HI 201     The Foundations of Western Heritage
HI 202     Panorama of Church History
ED 201    Introduction to the Rabbinical Method
TP #2       Local Advocacy Project – 30 hours advocating for an individual or group


See our Student Handbook for full course descriptions.

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