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Statements of Compliance


In accordance with ARTICLE IX of the Bylaws of The Praxis Center for Church Development, the parent corporation, the Trivium Institute for Leader Development shall not discriminate against any person in any manner on the basis of race, age, handicap, or ethnic origin.

Academic Privacy

In compliance with the Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, it is the policy of The Trivium Institute for Leader Development to protect the educational/academic records of its learners, former learners and alumni. All personally identifiable information in a learner’s education record is considered confidential. Other than that referred to as “directory information,” no one will have access to such records without written consent of the learner.

No Guarantee of Employment

The Trivium Institute for Leader Development does not make guarantees regarding employment to prospective students [Hedc 304.02(a)].


School Closure

Please be advised that pursuant to Hedc 304.05(a), Trivium is required to notify the NH Department of Education--Office of Career School Licensing (OCSL) no less than 30 days prior to the closing date. As defined in Hedc 302.01(m), “school closure” means a school exiting New Hampshire, closing its doors, or changing programs making it exempt from career school licensing rules. The transition plan will include, but not be limited to:

1.    All current and former students, as well as the OCSL will be provided with one original transcript or certificate and an electronic copy of each within 30 days of closing.
2.    The OCSL will be provided with one original or electronic copy of a Trivium catalog for each year of existence within 30 days of closing.
3.    A public disclosure of closing and student notification of the same.
4.    A written plan for the discontinuation of programs or courses.
5.    The OCSL Licensing will be provided with students records with a unique identifier that includes the students date of birth and last four numbers of social security number.
6.    The OCSL will be provided with a teach-out schedule detailing program and course completion.
7.    The OCSL will be provided with any correspondence to and from an accrediting agency in regard to closure.

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