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Trivium Giving Opportunities

Dear Reader,

We hope that you enjoyed this first glimpse into the Trinitas Journal!

If you are new to us, The Trivium Institute for Leader Development is a ministry of The Praxis Center for Church Development, and embodies the current fullness of both learning and experience the Praxis team has gleaned from decades of field experience in both ministry and education. The Trivium Institute is the next progression in the work of Praxis, serving as a cutting-edge platform for Christian leader development.

Through the Trivium Institute for Leader Development, we are facilitating some of the future leaders of God’s Kingdom work in their preparatory journey. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with the Trivium Institute for Leader Development through our Keystone Fund, which is designed to expedite the development and production of our online classes. To learn more about the Keystone Fund and how you can partner with us in the development of future leaders, click here.

In Him,

Rev. Jason Bennett

Coordinator of Communication and Development

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